Mayor Mike Duggan to Become First Transsexual Mayor of Detroit

Mayor Mike Duggan to Become First Transsexual Mayor of Detroit

In 2013, Mike Duggan became the first white mayor of Detroit in 40 years. However, it appears that he’s not satisfied with just one “first”.

After a long anticipated wait, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced publicly for the first time on Monday that he would be transitioning from male to female in anticipation of the upcoming election. This announcement ends months of speculation after local media first received anonymous tips about Mayor Duggan’s plans to transition. This will make Mayor Duggan the first transsexual mayor of Detroit.

“It feels like a load of bricks has been lifted from my chest. My family and friends are in full support of my decision, and I can’t wait to begin my journey. Now – Let’s get back to fixing this great city” – Duggan, Monday evening.

When asked if this move has anything to do with the upcoming election, Mayor Duggan stated, “There’s some real stiff competition out there in the upcoming race, so, whatever I can do to give me an edge is a welcome addition to the war chest. I’m not saying I’m transitioning just to try and win the election, but, I’m not *not* saying it, either.”

Sally Sitwell of the Detroit chapter of GLAAD says, “I’m not sure if it can be regarded as actual election fraud, but I think he may be going a little far just to win an election. If he de-transitions after winning, I am gonna be soooo pissed.”

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