“The Detroit Observer, The People’s Fake Newspaper – Where Every Day Is April Fool’s Day.” – So sayeth the text on our website, which you probably clicked through to reach this page.

“But, Detroit Observer, what does this mean?,” you ask? Perhaps it’d be easier to explain it through the traditional song and dance of hipster school teachers:

We’ll wait for one minute and 51 seconds so you can watch the video.

Done? Got it? Ok.

“But, Detroit Observer, that was about parody and satire. It didn’t mention April Fool’s Day.”

Ok, fine. If you don’t know what April Fool’s Day is, we’ll begrudgingly attempt to explain it.

April Fool’s Day is a day (celebrated traditionally on the first day of the month of April) in which people celebrate by spreading hoaxes, playing practical jokes, and generally pulling pranks on others.

The Detroit Observer is comprised of all of the above: Satire, Parody, Hoaxes, Practical Jokes, Pranks, and the wonderful vaguery of good old fashioned fake news. Congratulations, you’ve been pranked. Fool.

Disclaimer: We call you a fool only in the most loving, inclusive, endearing way possible. So, please don’t commit acts of terror upon our offices.